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“Wayflyer recommends how much we spend in each campaign to get the best return, while giving us the cash to do so. It’s a game-changer for the eCommerce industry!”

Dan Nugent Co-founder of Ambr Eyewear

“Using Wayflyer is like having an extra team member to guide us as we grow. It’s comforting to know that we have a source of funds and insights to help us maximise our profitability.”

Thomas O’ConnellCEO & Founder of Moby Products

How it works

Tell us how much funding you need

Let us know the funds you need and what you want the funds for. Wayflyer supports companies that want to invest in inventory and online marketing.

Get offers in 24 hours or less

Link your marketing and revenue data to Wayflyer. Our analytics engine will generate up to 3 funding offers for you.

Spend our money, not yours

Deploy your funds on search advertising, social media or even inventory (once we verify the vendor).

Use Wayflyer Analytics to grow faster

Wayflyer Analytics is a free service that will continuously analyze your digital marketing campaigns. Wayflyer helps you adjust your marketing spend for more sales.

eCommerce Integrations

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