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Accelerate your growth with funding and insights

By combining flexible funding with powerful insights, we give you everything you need to accelerate your growth.
Access to the right capital is the biggest problem facing eCommerce businesses. That's why we solved it. We provide you with flexible funding up to $20M. Keep ownership, minimise your risk and access all the funding you need to grow.
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We do more than just funding. Our analytics dashboards and team of marketing experts will give you the insights you need to acquire more customers and scale faster. What's more? It's free for every funded customer.
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Wayflyer Customer Camille Richman from Hamama
Wayflyer have made more aggressive growth possible for us. Without them, I would’ve had to reconsider our growth goals entirely
Camille Richman
Co-Founder of Hamama

How does Wayflyer work?

Connect your platforms to access funding and actionable insights

Connect your platforms

Securely connect your platforms to access funding offers. Connect in minutes and have offers within hours.

Shopping and payment platforms

Connect your Shopping Platform (Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, Amazon, BigCommerce or Stripe) so we can generate funding offers for you.

Marketing and analytics platforms

Connect Facebook Ads, Google Ads and Google Analytics to unlock better funding offers and to get the most out of Wayflyer Insights.

Bank and management accounts

Automatically connect your bank account using Plaid or confidentially share copies of your bank statements. We use this to approve your funding request.
Connect your platforms with Wayflyer

Accelerate your growth

Use our combination of funding and insights to invest in your business and drive your growth.

Flexible funding

Choose the funding option that best suits your needs. Invest in inventory, marketing or other initiatives to grow your business.

Actionable insights to help you grow faster

Once funded, you'll get free access to our analytics dashboards and a dedicated team of experts. Get actionable insights to beat your competition and grow faster.
Accelerate your growth with Wayflyer
“Wayflyer know us, they understand us, they’re comfortable with our cycles and how we’re using the capital. They’re super-friendly and they’re flexible. All of that is very difficult to get elsewhere.”
Nick Allen, Co-Founder & CEO of Geologie
Nick Allen
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Co-Founder & CEO of Geologie

Latest Updates

Read the latest news and announcements from Wayflyer.
Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2021: Data from 2,500+ eCommerce brands and $219m in revenue
How did your business perform across Black Friday/Cyber Monday? We analyzed data from over 2,500 eCommerce businesses to help you benchmark your results and look ahead at the trends that might shape 2022.
December 6, 2021
10 min read
Announcing Wayflyer’s expansion into Spain and the Netherlands
Wayflyer is expanding into Spain and the Netherlands to help eCommerce businesses reach their growth potential.
October 29, 2021
4 min read
A Black Friday warning to all eCommerce businesses
As CEO of Wayflyer, I get to speak to hundreds of eCommerce businesses. Over the years, I've seen when these businesses get Black Friday right.
June 30, 2021
5 min read
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