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    At Wayflyer we think Founder First. From product, to pricing, to our enviable customer service; it’s all done with founders like you in mind.

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    Maximum funding amount20m10m
    Marketing Capital
    Inventory Capital
    Insights and Analytics
    Flexible funding offers
    Funds sent straight to your bank
    Dedicated to eCommerce

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    "Having access to funding from Wayflyer allowed us to test new initiatives, like new product expansions, without having to give up control of our business."
    Steven Ford, CMO of Sand Cloud

    Steven Ford

    CMO at Sand Cloud

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    • Fast decisions

      Get offers in hours and funds in your account within days. Our process is fast and easy, letting you get back to running your business.

    • Ultimate flexibility

      Choose your repayment structure, get cash in your bank account and easily access top-up. It’s flexible funding, built for founders.

    • Great rates

      We know you care about rates. That’s why we tailor every offer to your needs, making sure you always get great rates on your funding.

    • Choosing Wayflyer was a no-brainer, they had much better rates than everyone else and were flexible in how they structured the repayments for us.
      Clark Bigler, CFO of Pillow Cube

      Clark Bigler

      CFO of Pillow Cube

    • What I like about Wayflyer is the real flexibility of the funding, especially how we get the funds sent directly to our account and we are free to use it as we want. They're flexible and fair.
      Head shot of Jeff Zeiders

      Jeff Zeiders

      CEO & Founder of Cigar Club

    • What I appreciate about Wayflyer is how collaborative the work environment is. We are all working together, towards the same goal, with everyone willing to take the time to help out a teammate.
      Head shot of Saadi Allan

      Saadi Allen

      CEO of Subpod

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