Our values

Our values underpin everything we do. How we hire, what we reward, how we treat each other and our customers. We take them pretty seriously. If you think you align with these values, Wayflyer could be a great place for you to work.
Think founder first - Wayflyer

Think founder first

Founder First. It rolls off the tongue; because the truth is that Wayflyer was born to grow and support eCommerce founders. Their passion for what they do, inspires everything we do. From product, to pricing, to our enviable customer service; it’s all done with our founders in mind. Nobody else.
Run hard and fast. - Wayflyer

Run hard and fast

We’re aiming for dizzy heights, but we won’t get there in the slow lane. Speed at Wayflyer relates to how hard we work, how we think, how we make decisions, how we go to market. Given the choice, we’ll always choose action. Our ambition and our work ethic is unmatched by our competitors. So why run slow?
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Be a great decision-maker

To move at Wayflyer speed, we make many decisions and we need to be right, a lot. This is hard. Great decision-makers know how to take and solicit feedback. They know when to delegate, when to over-rule, when to ask for help and when to take more time. And sometimes, you might need to make a decision quickly, without all the facts. Either way, the decision is yours to make. You own it. And we have your back.
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Be sound

In Ireland, being described as ‘sound’ is high praise indeed. To be sound is to be a genuinely nice person to be around. And in our case, being sound is a two-way street. It means we’re a dependable, loyal and collaborative bunch. We say it like it is. Love our work. Embrace our differences. Respect everyone. And leave our egos at the door.

Be insatiably curious

Ask questions. There is no playbook for the business that we are growing. So at Wayflyer you’ve the freedom to answer the questions that nobody else is asking. Look around corners. Turn over stones. Without curiosity, how can we create original and bespoke experiences for our founders that can’t be found elsewhere? (See, there’s a question.)
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Want to join our team?

We’re on a mission to help eCommerce businesses, worldwide, reach their potential. And we’re always looking for the right people to make that happen.
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