HAMAMA help more people grow fresh greens from home

Camille and Daniel founded HAMAMA while working at MIT. They wanted to create a world where anyone can grow and eat fresh food. With help from Wayflyer, they now stress less about cash flow and are bringing home growing to more people all around the US.

Bow Wow Labs

Bow Wow Labs is on a mission to keep dogs safer and dog owners happier. Working with Wayflyer has allowed Bow Wow Labs to grow their revenue by 82% in 6 months and double their ROAS, all without diluting their ownership.

The Baby's Brew

Alaina Moulton founded The Baby’s Brew to help more parents stay active and outdoors when they have a young child. With their cordless bottle warmer, they are “cutting the chord” and solving one of the biggest pain points of young children. Wayflyer has been able to help Alaina to grow The Baby’s Brew by allowing her to take quick action when she needed finance for inventory.


Vinita and Dushyant Baravkar founded Bhumi to deliver positive impact for people and the planet. As Bhumi grew, they needed funding to purchase more inventory. But, they were worried that bringing on investors would mean sacrificing their social impact. With Wayflyer, they’ve grown their sales 3x in one year and are delivering more impact than ever.


Lotte Vink and Kasper Petersen are on a mission to clean up the fashion industry and solve the problems of the modern man. Wayflyer have helped them pursue this mission without any of the stress that comes from traditional funding providers.


Geologie founder Nick Allen is revolutionizing how men feel about their skin. With funding from Wayflyer, Geologie were able to ramp up their inventory orders, making sure they had enough stock to maximize sales during busy periods.