Our Customers.

Powercut grows sales from €300K to €2.5M with Wayflyer

When Craig and Bronagh (founders of Powercut) got the opportunity to start supplying national retailers, they knew they'd need external funding to buy inventory. Banks didn't understand their business and the online economy. But Wayflyer did. Craig tells the story of how they used Wayflyer funding to grow sales from €300K to €2.5M

How Wayflyer helped BIOHM grow by 94%

Because of cash constraints, BIOHM were leaving a lot of growth opportunities on the table. Working with Wayflyer has allowed them to seize these opportunities and grow their revenue by 94%.

Constyle uses Wayflyer funding to double their sales

When Patrick Helmer was looking for ways to fund Constyle, he was frustrated with the options available from traditional sources of finance (like banks). Working with Wayfyer has given Constyle the funds they need to purchase more stock, allowing them to double their sales in under 6 months!

How Ishka used Wayflyer Analytics to increase sales by $2.5m

Ishka is an Australian, family owned retailer that’s been around since 1971. For most of these 50 years, they’ve sold their goods through brick and mortar stores. But, a few years ago, they opened their first online store on Shopify. They started working with Wayflyer in 2021 and have used Wayflyer Analytics to increase their online sales by a massive $2.5m!


Scrubbington's find a better way to fund their business

As demand for their products increased during 2020, Karen and Emma explored getting external funding to help increase their manufacturing capacity. But, when they approached traditional providers like banks, they were met with frustratingly long and complex processes. That was when they first found Wayflyer.

Sons use Wayflyer to grow by >300%

After coming up with the idea over a pint, Will and Adrian founded Sons in 2018. They wanted to help men understand the facts about their health, and motivate them to be more proactive in tackling their problems. Hear how the Sons team have used Wayflyer funding to grow their revenue by over 300%, increasing their valuation and avoiding any dilution.

How Cigar Club grew 5x using Wayflyer funding

In 2020, Jeff needed to make a big inventory order. He knew it would drive a lot of growth but didn't have the cash on hand to make the purchase. Using Wayflyer, he was able to get the funds to make the order, helping to drive his 5x year on year growth!

Pillow Cube double their sales in 2 months

After Black Friday, Pillow Cube had a need for external funding. After choosing to work with Wayflyer, they've been able to invest more in marketing and inventory, doubling their sales in just 2 months.


ModLi find a solution for their short term financing needs

As Modli grew, they needed more and more cash to fund their marketing spend and to buy stock. Banks didn’t understand their needs and ModLi's founders didn’t want to sell more of their business. Working with Wayflyer has solved the short term financing challenges ModLi were facing, allowing them to spend more on marketing, buy more stock and accelerate their growth.


Branch pivots to D2C, achieving $1.5m in monthly sales after just 8 months

When Covid hit, Branch’s B2B sales disappeared. Greg Hayes and his team had to figure out what to do. 8 months later, they are doing over $1.5m per month in Direct to Consumer sales and have their sights set on even bigger targets.


HAMAMA help more people grow fresh greens from home

Camille and Daniel founded HAMAMA while working at MIT. They wanted to create a world where anyone can grow and eat fresh food. With help from Wayflyer, they now stress less about cash flow and are bringing home growing to more people all around the US.

Bow Wow Labs

Bow Wow Labs grow sales by 82% in 6 months

Bow Wow Labs is on a mission to keep dogs safer and dog owners happier. Working with Wayflyer has allowed Bow Wow Labs to grow their revenue by 82% in 6 months and double their ROAS, all without diluting their ownership.

The Baby's Brew

The Baby’s Brew reaches more parents using Wayflyer’s funding for inventory

Alaina Moulton founded The Baby’s Brew to help more parents stay active and outdoors when they have a young child. With their cordless bottle warmer, they are “cutting the chord” and solving one of the biggest pain points of young children. Wayflyer has been able to help Alaina to grow The Baby’s Brew by allowing her to take quick action when she needed finance for inventory.


Wayflyer help Bhumi grow 3x in one year

Vinita and Dushyant Baravkar founded Bhumi to deliver positive impact for people and the planet. As Bhumi grew, they needed funding to purchase more inventory. But, they were worried that bringing on investors would mean sacrificing their social impact. With Wayflyer, they’ve grown their sales 3x in one year and are delivering more impact than ever.


Geologie use Wayflyer funding to grow 10x in one year

Geologie founder Nick Allen is revolutionizing how men feel about their skin. With funding from Wayflyer, Geologie were able to ramp up their inventory orders, making sure they had enough stock to maximize sales during busy periods.


BionicGym thrives in a work(out)-from-home world

Although he always had a knack for product design and innovation, Louis Crowe was a medical doctor before becoming an entrepreneur...

AMBR Eyewear

Ambr use funding to rapidly improve sales through Google Ads

Started out of the kitchen of their house in Dublin, Ireland, Ambr Eyewear is the brainchild of Sacha, a designer, and Dan, who has a background in digital marketing...

David James Kerr

DJK cover mid-season inventory orders with Wayflyer funding

Named after their founder, David James Kerr has grown from a small fashion concierge service out of Belfast to one of the most recognizable high-end fashion retailers in the UK, carrying brands like Balenciaga, Gucci and Fendi.

Moby Bikes

MOBY accelerates go-to-market with Wayflyer Insights

If you have been in Dublin, Ireland, you’ve probably seen MOBY’s bright green bikes around the city. MOBY was founded in 2019 by long time entrepreneur Thomas O’Connell and has gone beyond bike-sharing to include new micro-mobility devices with Jyroball and the YX One...

Oral Essentials

Oral Essentials grow 138% in one year

Oral Essentials is the creation of Kourosh Maddahi, a cosmetic dentist with 34 years of experience out of Beverly Hills, California. He was noticing that after putting veneers in his patients, the aftercare products he was recommending, namely mouthwash, were having terrible effects on their oral health...