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Scrubbington’s was created back in 2016 by two friends, Karen and Emma.

One day, Karen was washing her 5-year-old son with a baby bath product and thinking... "why am I still using a bubble bath with a picture of a baby on the front when he’s not a baby anymore, and why I am washing him when he should be starting to wash himself?!" And so, Scrubbington’s was born.

Scrubbington’s now sell a range of kids cleaning toiletries, all made with natural ingredients and with the mission of empowering children to clean themselves and the planet (and have fun while doing it).

Since launching in 2016, Karen and Emma had worked hard to grow Scrubbington’s. But it was in 2020 when things started to really take off.

Challenges accessing traditional finance

As demand increased during 2020, Karen and Emma explored getting external funding to help increase their manufacturing capacity. But, when they approached traditional providers like banks, they were met with frustratingly long and complex processes.

“I’d filled in a lot of forms and hung out on a lot of phone calls waiting to speak to the right person. Accessing traditional forms of finance was almost impossible”, says Emma.

Karen and Emma had some big opportunities they wanted to take advantage of and didn’t want to wait months to get a decision from banks.

Finding Wayflyer

That was when they first found Wayflyer.

“Right from the start, the Wayflyer process was super easy”, says Emma.

“I really liked the idea that Wayflyer’s experts could look at our sales performance using our Shopify and our Ad accounts and make a decision based on that information. They understood eCommerce and where we were in our journey, whilst banks just didn’t get it”, she says.

Using funding to take advantage of opportunities

Karen and Emma have used Wayflyer’s funding to drive growth.

“Wayflyer funding has allowed us to distribute our products to schools and nurseries and to increase our media spend. This has really helped drive our growth.”, says Emma.

Since starting to work with Wayflyer, Scrubbingtons have taken advantage of Wayflyer’s flexibility to take two separate rounds of funding, helping to smooth out their cash flow. “Cash flow is always an issue for a growing company. Wayflyer funding gives us that breathing space that is really valuable”, says Emma.

Using Wayflyer's team of eCommerce experts

Emma also took advantage of Wayflyer’s team of eCommerce experts to get insights on her marketing performance.

“I had a dedicated call with the Wayflyer expert team which was really helpful. They gave me an independent view of how we were performing and I was able to take the insights and charts from the call to our agency, helping to improve our performance”, says Emma.

When asked what the future holds for Scrubbington’s, Emma says, “we’ve got a great product that our customers love and we’re super excited about where we are going. We want to bring our products to everywhere that kids hang out, including more schools, nurseries and holiday camps.”

Wayflyer funding has allowed us to distribute our products to schools and nurseries and to increase our media spend. This has really helped drive our growth.

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