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Ambr Eyewear rapidly improves sales through Google Ads


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About Ambr

Started out of the kitchen of their house in Dublin, Ireland, Ambr Eyewear is the brainchild of Sacha, a designer, and Dan, who has a background in digital marketing. Their goal was to develop better designed, better looking blue-light blocking glasses, that relieve you from eye-strain, help you sleep better, and provide you with long term protection for your eyes.

Two years later, their glasses protect people in almost 80 countries around the world.

Dan and Sacha from Ambr Eyewear

Limited resources were impacting growth

At the end of 2019, the team at Ambr were in a tough position. The capital requirements of paying for inventory was straining their cash flow, thus relegating marketing to a secondary role and preventing them from maximizing their growth. That, plus more competition going into their segment of the market and the lack of financing options provided by banks and venture capital, made them start a conversation with Wayflyer.

Scaling ad spend

After analyzing their online performance, Wayflyer offered Ambr €25,000 EUR, with a fee of only 7.5% (€1,875) and a repayment rate of 8%, which AMBR could easily fit in their models.

Additionally, and based on that analysis, Wayflyer recommended shifting that additional spending to Google Ads, a channel that was not the focus for Ambr, but where Wayflyer saw better potential.

The results

By deploying that additional capital and using Wayflyer’s insights, Ambr’s ROAS went from 3.6 times to 5.3 times (up 47%), their yearly sales went up 238% YoY (up almost triple from 88% the previous year) and tapped into €133,000 EUR in extra sales, having by far their best Christmas season ever.

Based on the success of their first advance, Wayflyer continues to Ambr, this time, with better terms, based on their track record of overperformance.

Wayflyer recommends how much we spend in each campaign to get the best return, while giving us the cash to do so. It’s a game-changer.




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YoY Sales Growth

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