Wayflyer Announces Partnership With Hawke Media

Wayflyer Announces Partnership With Hawke Media

Wayflyer, an eCommerce platform that provides both capital and marketing analytics to small businesses, today announced that it is partnering with Hawke Media, an award-winning marketing consultancy based in Los Angeles, California, to offer revenue-based financing services as a part of Hawke’s expanded marketing solutions. 

“Hawke Media understands what it takes to create a successful eCommerce business,” said Wayflyer CEO Aidan Corbett. “By drawing on our mutual strengths in analytics and marketing strategy, this partnership will bring affordable growth capital to more companies in the U.S. We’re thrilled to join Hawke Media in helping the next generation of great brands reach their target customers, maximize the return on their marketing spend and accelerate business growth.” 

As an “outsourced CMO,” Hawke Media provides digital marketing solutions to help launch, scale, and invigorate businesses of all sizes, industries, and revenue models. Founded in 2014 by entrepreneur and eCommerce expert Erik Huberman, Hawke Media has transformed the agency model by emphasizing client success, offering its services on a month-to-month, a la carte basis. The company has chosen to partner with Wayflyer as it makes financing available to eligible clients, starting today. 

"Wayflyer's performance-driven approach to lending makes it a perfect match for Hawke Media and the brands we work with," said Hawke Media CEO Erik Huberman. 

"Hawke was founded with the mission to provide great and affordable marketing to all brands. Wayflyer brings that same spirit to financing. By integrating Wayflyer's funding platform into our menu of services, we are now making capital as accessible as marketing for our customers."

This partnership brings together two of the fastest growing providers of solutions to common challenges facing entrepreneurs and scaling eCommerce brands. Hawke Media will use Wayflyer’s revenue-based financing, to offer Hawke Capital, which will enable its customers to invest in data-backed marketing strategies, bridge working capital gaps and access inventory funding. This move comes as both companies expand their reach and capabilities to meet growing demand in the dynamic eCommerce market. Business can learn more and apply at Hawke.Capital.

About Wayflyer

Wayflyer helps eCommerce stores worldwide reach their growth potential by bridging the working capital gap and solving common marketing problems. We provide eligible eCommerce stores with affordable, non-dilutive, unsecured capital that allows the flexibility to secure advertising space and inventory. Our analytics platform analyzes marketing performance on a daily basis, providing eCommerce stores with world-class analytics and tangible, granular recommendations designed to improve performance. Not only are eCommerce founders provided with the working capital needed to stay in business, they are then equipped with the data-driven knowledge to spend that capital smarter.