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How People Discover New Products

The seven places we learn about new stuff and how you can take advantage of this in marketing and distribution.

Lenny Rachitsky

Understanding HS codes and the Schedule B

The Harmonised System (HS) is a global product classification system. To export, you will need to know the HS code for your product.

International Trade Administration

Habits vs. Goals

The difference between habits and goals and how to master both in order to get more done.

Farnham Street

67 Best DTC, eCommerce & Shopify Affiliate Program Examples

Explore a curated list of the best affiliate programs in the DTC, eCommerce, and Shopify space, providing lucrative opportunities for monetization.

It's Fun Doing Marketing

What to know about how to ship lithium batteries

Shipping batteries can be a pain. This guide is helpful for understanding the regulations and best practices you need to follow.


What Is Influencer Whitelisting?

Overview of influencer whitelisting, granting brands more control over advertising content.


DTC metrics explained

Key DTC metrics explained by a direct-to-patient healthcare company CEO.

Zachariah Reitano

What startups can learn from Amazon’s cash machine

Insight into generating cash flow in e-commerce and the secrets to Amazon's success.

Lightspeed Venture Partners

The Three-Hour Brand Sprint

Google Ventures' framework for young brands on building a cohesive brand strategy.

Google Ventures

Attribution with Google Analytics Explained

Understand and implement effective attribution models using Google Analytics, gaining valuable insights into your marketing performance.

Measure School

An In-depth Guide to Vetting Suppliers from China

Blog series on vetting suppliers from China: right questions, decisions, and documents.

Quality Inspection

The "Elephant List" Productivity Method

An overview of the productivity method used by the founder of Behance.


Principles to Effective Financial Model Design

An overview of some basic best practices when creating a financial model.


Explaining Financial Statements

An explainer on what different financial statements do and how to analyse them.


Why your last text message is probably from a brand

Explore the growing trend of SMS marketing and its effectiveness in engaging customers, offering valuable insights for your marketing strategy.

Marketing Brew

Good Examples of Marketing for Retention

A website focused on highlighting good examples of marketing. A super source for inspiration.

Marketing Examples

Introducing the Lightspeed standardized e-commerce model

Gain a deeper understanding of e-commerce financials with this simple yet insightful standardized model, helping you analyze and optimize your business.

Lightspeed Venture Partners

How To Create a Marketing Plan

A simple, no-BS framework for generating a startup marketing plan.

Andrus Purde

Retention & DTC Brands

A report summarizing the best practices in Retention and some benchmark statistics you can use.


Getting Things Done: A Summary

A pragmatic guide to the famous "Getting Things Done" methodology popularised by author David Allen.

Erlend Hamberg

Gary Vee Content Strategy

A landmark piece detailing an approach to content strategy from one of the world's greatest marketers.

Gary Vaynerchuk

Mitigating Supply Chain Risk

Discover effective strategies and techniques for reducing supply chain risks in this comprehensive guide.


Top Lessons for Direct Sellers From DTC Customer Referral Programs

Learn valuable insights and strategies on running successful customer referral programs in the DTC industry.

Direct Selling News

The Law of Shitty Clickthroughs

A great piece describing how the effectiveness of any marketing strategy declines over time and how to fight this.

Andrew Chen

Importing from China to the US

A comprehensive guide on importing goods into the US, including handling tariffs, sourcing and paying for goods, arranging shipping, and compliance.

USA Customs Clearance

25 Marketing Metrics You Should Consider Tracking

Deep-dive into marketing KPIs with actionable insights for strategic tracking.


The Definitive Guide to Google Analytics 4

Comprehensive tutorial on GA4, from setup to advanced data analysis.


How to Calculate Customer Lifetime Value (using Shopify)

Learn to measure customer value over time, optimized for Shopify users.

Lightspeed Venture Partners

Data Privacy Guide

Essential guide to ensure your data practices meet privacy standards.

WP Swings

E-commerce Customer Segmentation Guide

Master customer segmentation in e-commerce for personalized marketing.

Digi Smoothie

50 Ecommerce Segmentation Recipes

Creative segmentation strategies for targeted e-commerce marketing.

Dynamic Yield

The Ultimate Guide to A/B Testing for Ecommerce

Detailed walkthrough on A/B testing methods for e-commerce optimizations.


Ecommerce Funnel: Learn the Stages of the Ecommerce Conversion Funnel

Decoding the stages of e-commerce conversion funnel for business growth.


An overview of Google Analytics for Ecommerce

Fundamental insights into leveraging Google Analytics for e-commerce success.


The Making of a Brand

Delve into the intricate process of creating a compelling brand identity, exploring key elements and strategies for successful branding.

Collab Fund

7 Ancient Archetypes Your Brand Storytelling Should Use

Harness the power of ancient archetypes in crafting captivating brand narratives, resonating with your target audience on a deep level.

Content Marketing Institute

Branding in the age of Social Media

Insights into adapting branding strategies in the social media era.

Harvard Business Review

Why Great Brands Make Great Businesses — Your DTC Branding Cheat Sheet

Uncover DTC-specific branding principles and strategies that can elevate your brand and drive business success.

Pattern Brands

Three Tools Netflix Used to Build Its World-Class Brand

Brand-building tactics employed by Netflix for achieving global recognition.

First Round Capital

This Brand Strategy Can Make Your Startup Look Bigger Than It Is

Enhance your startup's stature with strategic branding techniques.

First Round Capital

What I Learned From Developing Branding for Airbnb, Dropbox and Thumbtack

Gain valuable insights from the branding experiences of industry-leading tech companies like Airbnb, Dropbox, and Thumbtack.

First Round Capital

Choosing A Name the Right Way

Strategic guide to select a powerful and resonant name for your business.

Startup Salad

A founder’s guide to eCommerce funding: What are your financing options?

Comprehensive overview of financing options for e-commerce entrepreneurs.


Giving away equity to fund inventory and marketing is inefficient. Here’s why

Analysis of equity-based financing and its drawbacks for e-commerce businesses.


How to calculate and boost your eCommerce profit margin

Guide to measuring and enhancing your e-commerce business's profitability.


A Detailed Guide to Shopify Accounting and Bookkeeping Best Practices for eCommerce Businesses

A complete guide to efficient bookkeeping and accounting for Shopify users.

Bean Ninjas

Ecommerce Demand Forecasting: Planning Profits with a Downloadable Template and the ‘Cake’ Revenue Model

Master demand forecasting with practical templates and the 'Cake' model.

Common Thread

Guide to Business Taxes (US)

Navigate the complexities of business taxes in the United States with this comprehensive guide, ensuring compliance and optimization.


Unit Economics Calculator: Becoming Unbeatable in Ecommerce by Mastering Costs, Lifetime Value & Profit

Improve business performance with an in-depth understanding of unit economics.

Common Thread

How to Price Your Products: An Easy-to-Use Guide

Step-by-step guide to formulate an optimal pricing strategy for your products.

A Better Lemonade Stand

Ecommerce Tax Strategies

Expert strategies to navigate the complex world of e-commerce taxation.

Ecommerce Fuel

An In-Depth Guide to Selling Your E-commerce Business

Complete walkthrough on preparing and selling your e-commerce venture.

Ecommerce Fuel

6 Expert tips for eCommerce cash management

Expert advice on managing cash flows for sustained e-commerce growth.


How to plan your cash flow when your eCommerce business is seasonal

Gain valuable financial planning insights for managing cash flow in seasonal e-commerce businesses, ensuring stability throughout the year.


Revenue-based finance vs. equity financing: Why 11 eCommerce brands chose revenue-based finance

Comparative study of equity and revenue-based financing from successful brands.


Revenue-based financing: Why it’s the best way to finance your eCommerce company

Explains the benefits of revenue-based financing for e-commerce businesses.


The complete guide to crowdfunding for eCommerce brands

Detailed guide to leverage crowdfunding as a viable financing option.


The most efficient uses of working capital, equity, and profits

Strategic insights into optimizing the use of financial resources.


Legal regulations for e-commerce in the EU

Comprehensive overview of the legalities of running an e-commerce business in the EU.

European Union

Where to Get Legal Advice: FAQs About the Legal Side of Setting Up Shop

A resource to answer legal queries related to setting up an online business.

A Better Lemonade Stand

Online Business Laws: An Overview

Broad overview of legal considerations when operating an online business.

Big Commerce

How to register a trademark?

Step-by-step guide to trademark registration to protect your brand.

Rubicon Law

What is a trademark?

Comprehensive explanation of trademarks and their importance in business.

Rubicon Law

Ecommerce Laws and Regulations to Know for Selling Online

Essential laws and regulations for operating an e-commerce business.


How to create a winning marketing plan (with examples)

Detailed guide on crafting a compelling marketing plan with practical examples.


David Ogilvy’s 7 principles of marketing

Dive into David Ogilvy's time-tested marketing principles for business growth.

Cult Method

An Essential Guide To Ecommerce Inventory Management

Comprehensive guide to manage inventory effectively in an e-commerce setting.

Ecommerce Fastlane

The Ultimate Guide to Utilizing a 3PL Provider for Ecommerce Fulfillment

Detailed guide on effectively using 3PL providers for e-commerce fulfillment.

A Better Lemonade Stand

Inventory Management 101: The Short Guide for Ecommerce Entrepreneurs

Quick start guide for managing inventory in an e-commerce business.

A Better Lemonade Stand

The Ecommerce Guide to Shipping Boxes: Shipping Boxes & Mailing Envelopes 101

Comprehensive guide on selecting the right shipping boxes and envelopes.

A Better Lemonade Stand

The Ultimate Shipping Strategy Cheat Sheet

Your one-stop resource for crafting an effective e-commerce shipping strategy.

A Better Lemonade Stand

How to Improve Warehouse Efficiency and Reduce Costs

Practical strategies to boost warehouse efficiency and cut costs.

Ecommerce Fuel

Choosing A Great 3PL Partner For Your E-Commerce Brand

Insights into selecting a suitable 3PL partner for your e-commerce operations.


How to Calculate and Interpret Inventory Turnover

Learn to calculate and interpret inventory turnover for better business decisions.

Practical Ecommerce

The Keys to Lower Inventory Costs

Insights into reducing inventory costs without compromising efficiency.

Practical Ecommerce

The Ultimate Guide to E-commerce SEO

Comprehensive guide to optimize your e-commerce site for search engines.


How to Create 10x Content

Learn the secrets to creating highly engaging and impactful content that outperforms competitors, driving traffic and conversions.


50+ Best Viral Marketing Campaign Examples & Case Studies To Get You Inspired

Inspiring case studies of viral marketing campaigns for brainstorming.

It's Fun Doing Marketing

PR on a Budget: A guide for Startups and SMEs

Discover cost-effective PR strategies tailored for startups and SMEs, empowering you to build brand visibility and attract attention.


How to spot a performance dip in your ads — and how to protect your revenue

Learn to identify and address performance dips in your ad campaigns.


How startups die from their addiction to paid marketing

Uncover the potential dangers and risks of over-reliance on paid marketing for startups, providing valuable lessons and cautionary tales.

Andrew Chen

How to Measure, Build & Inspire Creative Facebook Ads: Your Complete Ecommerce Toolkit with 90 Examples + 30 Types

Insights into measuring, building, and inspiring creative Facebook ads with practical examples.

Common Thread

Click Through Rate Guide

An overview of optimizing Click Through Rates to boost engagement and conversions.


12 Rules for Ecommerce Facebook Ads

Maximize the performance of your Facebook ads with these 12 essential rules tailored specifically for ecommerce businesses.

Karola Karlson

Direct-To-Consumer Affiliate Marketing: Your Essential Guide To Best Practices

Fundamental guide to building effective Direct-To-Consumer Affiliate Marketing strategies.

Referral Rock

40-point Facebook Ads Audit & Optimisations Checklist

Comprehensive checklist to help audit and optimize your Facebook Ads.

Dan Siepen

How We Scaled A Store’s Facebook Ads From $300/Month To $300,000/Month In Ad Spend

Dive into a detailed case study on effectively scaling Facebook ad spend for maximum ROI, providing valuable strategies and insights.

Digital Darts

The Beginner’s Guide to Paid Marketing

Dive into the world of paid marketing with this comprehensive guide, providing an introduction to key strategies and channels.


The Complete Guide to Influencer Marketing in 2023

Comprehensive insights into influencer marketing trends and strategies for 2023.


8 Insane (But True) Influencer Marketing Case Studies

Real-life case studies highlighting the impact of influencer marketing.


A Guide to Market Analysis in E-commerce

Guide to understanding and conducting market analysis in the e-commerce space.


The Mom Test by Rob Fitzpatrick [Actionable Summary]

Access key insights and actionable takeaways from Rob Fitzpatrick's book 'The Mom Test,' helping you conduct effective customer interviews.

Ivalyo Durmonksi

Reverse Engineering the Perfect Ecommerce Product

Learn strategies to deconstruct and analyze successful ecommerce products, enabling you to create winning products in your market niche.

A Better Lemonade Stand

A Guide to Crafting Ecommerce Product Strategy

Learn the essential steps and considerations in formulating a comprehensive product strategy for your e-commerce business.

Department of Product

The Complete Guide to Creating a Product Brief

Master the art of developing comprehensive and effective product briefs with this step-by-step guide, ensuring clarity and alignment.


How To Find a Manufacturer or Supplier for a Product

Guide to identifying and collaborating with manufacturers and suppliers.


How Can You Test a Customer’s Willingness to Pay?

Learn various methods to gauge and understand customer pricing expectations, enabling you to optimize your pricing strategies.

Product Talk

How to Communicate and Negotiate with Alibaba Suppliers

Guide to effectively communicating and negotiating with suppliers on Alibaba.

Just One Dime

How To Negotiate With a Big Supplier When You Are Not So Big

Strategies for smaller businesses to negotiate effectively with larger suppliers.


The Ultimate Guide to Community Management

Comprehensive guide to managing and nurturing online communities.


When Community Becomes Your Competitive Advantage

Discussion on leveraging community as a strategic business advantage.

Harvard Business Review

How to Launch a New Community

Follow this step-by-step roadmap to successfully launch and grow a thriving online community, fostering engagement and brand advocacy.

David Spinks

Email Marketing for Ecommerce

Overview of implementing effective email marketing strategies in ecommerce.


How to Provide Insanely Good Customer Service

Learn proven tips and techniques to deliver exceptional customer service in the ecommerce industry, fostering loyalty and satisfaction.

A Better Lemonade Stand

A Quick Review of Email Marketing Platforms

Comparison of various email marketing platforms for ecommerce businesses.


Best Ways to Retarget Your Content

Effective strategies to retarget content to reach broader audiences.


7 Innovative Customer Loyalty Programs and How To Start

Discover innovative approaches to building customer loyalty through effective loyalty programs, enhancing customer retention and engagement.


Ecommerce Loyalty Programs: 25 Strategies Backed by 36 Examples and Over 100 Results & Stats

Detailed guide to building effective loyalty programs with real-life examples.


Shopify vs WooCommerce: Which Is Better?

Detailed comparison between Shopify and WooCommerce for ecommerce.

A Better Lemonade Stand

Tips for customizing your Shopify ecommerce themes in non-destructive ways

Learn valuable tips and techniques for customizing Shopify ecommerce themes without compromising their integrity and functionality.

Out of the Sandbox

Conversion Optimisation Guide

Guide to enhancing conversions through data-driven optimisation strategies.


Conversion Rate Optimisation Guide

Comprehensive guide to optimising conversion rates for ecommerce sites.


Ecommerce Web Design Best Practices

Guide to best practices in ecommerce web design for UX and conversions.


Bounce Rate Guide

Insights into understanding and reducing bounce rate on ecommerce websites.


Ecommerce Conversion Rate Optimization: 19 CRO Strategies

Unlock the potential of your ecommerce website by implementing these 19 proven strategies to optimize conversion rates and increase sales.


The role of the CEO: managing yourself

Delve into effective self-management strategies for CEOs, empowering them to lead with clarity, focus, and personal growth.

Elad Gil

How to Make a Business Plan for an Online Business

Craft a comprehensive business plan tailored for your online venture with this informative guide, providing a roadmap for success.

A Better Lemonade Stand

Ecommerce Business Acronyms

Familiarize yourself with commonly used acronyms and terminology in the dynamic world of e-commerce, enhancing your industry knowledge.

Future Commerce

How to beat procrastination

Strategies to overcome procrastination and increase productivity.

Tim Urban

Marc Andreesen's Guide to Productivity

Benefit from productivity insights and strategies from renowned entrepreneur and investor Marc Andreesen, optimizing your personal effectiveness.

Marc Andreesen

Sam Altman on Productivity

Insights from Sam Altman on maintaining high productivity levels.

Sam Altman

How I Am Productive

Personal insights from Peter Wildeford on maintaining productivity.

Peter Wildeford

The Brain Hacks Top Founders Use to Get the Job Done

Collection of brain hacks used by successful founders for productivity.

First Round Capital

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