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67 Best DTC, eCommerce & Shopify Affiliate Program Examples

Explore a curated list of the best affiliate programs in the DTC, eCommerce, and Shopify space, providing lucrative opportunities for monetization.

It's Fun Doing Marketing

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What Is Influencer Whitelisting?

Overview of influencer whitelisting, granting brands more control over advertising content.


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Influencer Marketing Blueprint

Learn to drive sales and create successful influencer campaigns with a "giving, not asking" philosophy.

Cody Wittick & Taylor Lagace


Meta's Social Media Marketing Course

Get up to speed with the best practices in social media marketing and marketing on Meta.



Benchmarking Tool

Find out how your e-commerce business stacks up against competitors in your space on key metrics such as ROAS, MER and CPM.



Top Lessons for Direct Sellers From DTC Customer Referral Programs

Learn valuable insights and strategies on running successful customer referral programs in the DTC industry.

Direct Selling News

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The Law of Shitty Clickthroughs

A great piece describing how the effectiveness of any marketing strategy declines over time and how to fight this.

Andrew Chen

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D2C landing pages

A collection of some of the best landing pages and Shopify templates.



Landing Page Tools

A brilliant collection of the best templates, tools and resources for building landing pages.



How to spot a performance dip in your ads — and how to protect your revenue

Learn to identify and address performance dips in your ad campaigns.


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How startups die from their addiction to paid marketing

Uncover the potential dangers and risks of over-reliance on paid marketing for startups, providing valuable lessons and cautionary tales.

Andrew Chen

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How to Measure, Build & Inspire Creative Facebook Ads: Your Complete Ecommerce Toolkit with 90 Examples + 30 Types

Insights into measuring, building, and inspiring creative Facebook ads with practical examples.

Common Thread

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Click Through Rate Guide

An overview of optimizing Click Through Rates to boost engagement and conversions.


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12 Rules for Ecommerce Facebook Ads

Maximize the performance of your Facebook ads with these 12 essential rules tailored specifically for ecommerce businesses.

Karola Karlson

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Direct-To-Consumer Affiliate Marketing: Your Essential Guide To Best Practices

Fundamental guide to building effective Direct-To-Consumer Affiliate Marketing strategies.

Referral Rock

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40-point Facebook Ads Audit & Optimisations Checklist

Comprehensive checklist to help audit and optimize your Facebook Ads.

Dan Siepen

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How We Scaled A Store’s Facebook Ads From $300/Month To $300,000/Month In Ad Spend

Dive into a detailed case study on effectively scaling Facebook ad spend for maximum ROI, providing valuable strategies and insights.

Digital Darts

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The Beginner’s Guide to Paid Marketing

Dive into the world of paid marketing with this comprehensive guide, providing an introduction to key strategies and channels.


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The Complete Guide to Influencer Marketing in 2023

Comprehensive insights into influencer marketing trends and strategies for 2023.


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8 Insane (But True) Influencer Marketing Case Studies

Real-life case studies highlighting the impact of influencer marketing.


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Paid Ads Campaign Calculator

A tool for estimating the outcomes of paid advertising campaigns.



10 Facebook Ads mistakes you shouldn't make

Avoid common pitfalls and maximize the effectiveness of your Facebook Ads with this informative guide.

Aazar Shad


8 Common Mistakes made with Facebook Ads

Avoid common pitfalls and costly mistakes in Facebook Ads management with this comprehensive list, ensuring optimal ad performance.

Bary Hott


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