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Conversion Rate Benchmarker

See the average conversion rate of Shopify businesses in multiple industries.



Conversion Tracking Playbook

Podcast addressing data collection issues and how to transform data into insights for growth.



DTC metrics explained

Key DTC metrics explained by a direct-to-patient healthcare company CEO.

Zachariah Reitano

Blog Post

Benchmarking Tool

Find out how your e-commerce business stacks up against competitors in your space on key metrics such as ROAS, MER and CPM.



Attribution with Google Analytics Explained

Understand and implement effective attribution models using Google Analytics, gaining valuable insights into your marketing performance.

Measure School

Blog Post

Customer Reports on Shopify

Detailed customer reports guide for Shopify users to understand their customers better.




An analytics tool that gives you visibility and recommendations on all your eCommerce operations.



Campaign URL Builder

A simple tool for creating UTM links that help you attribute visits to a website to certain campaigns.



25 Marketing Metrics You Should Consider Tracking

Deep-dive into marketing KPIs with actionable insights for strategic tracking.


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The Definitive Guide to Google Analytics 4

Comprehensive tutorial on GA4, from setup to advanced data analysis.


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How to Calculate Customer Lifetime Value (using Shopify)

Learn to measure customer value over time, optimized for Shopify users.

Lightspeed Venture Partners

Blog Post

Data Privacy Guide

Essential guide to ensure your data practices meet privacy standards.

WP Swings

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E-commerce Customer Segmentation Guide

Master customer segmentation in e-commerce for personalized marketing.

Digi Smoothie

Blog Post

50 Ecommerce Segmentation Recipes

Creative segmentation strategies for targeted e-commerce marketing.

Dynamic Yield

Blog Post

The Ultimate Guide to A/B Testing for Ecommerce

Detailed walkthrough on A/B testing methods for e-commerce optimizations.


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Ecommerce Funnel: Learn the Stages of the Ecommerce Conversion Funnel

Decoding the stages of e-commerce conversion funnel for business growth.


Blog Post

An overview of Google Analytics for Ecommerce

Fundamental insights into leveraging Google Analytics for e-commerce success.


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Privacy Policy Generator

Generate robust and compliant privacy policies for your website or app with this convenient online tool, ensuring data protection and legal compliance.

Free Privacy Policy


Cookie Policy Generator

Generate legally compliant cookie policies for your online presence.

Free Privacy Policy


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