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Boosting ad performance for brands all around the world

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Grow Your Customer Base

Build brand awareness, enter new markets and access new hyper-relevant audiences who are likely to buy your products.
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Improve Your Ad Perfromance

Target high quality audiences, and drive traffic and sales with pooled conversion data. Easily monitor and scale your ad performance from your ad platform.
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Reduce Your Customer Acquisition Costs

Decrease the cost of acquiring new customers through targeted audience penetration and boost your overall marketing efficiency.
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What we offer

Finding high-intent customers through Facebook and Instagram is hard and expensive. iOS updates and cookie regulations have decreased the quality of Facebook audiences, resulting in low performing ads and high customer acquisition costs.

Wayflyer Engager solves these challenges by offering a new way to access high-intent, quality audiences. We facilitate a Facebook pixel exchange between complementary but non-competing brands. This means you can access new, highly relevant audiences, improving your ad performance and conversions while reducing your customer acquisition costs.
dock & bay

Access new audiences and improve top-of-funnel campaigns

Scaling Facebook ads was getting hard for Dock & Bay. They needed a new way to engage a larger pool of potential customers. With Wayflyer Engager, they got access to brand new relevant audiences which they could use to deliver ads and improve their top-of-funnel campaigns.

"The Wayflyer Engager product helped us expand our acquisition marketing, with a big improvement in efficiency compared to the traditional interest targeting on Facebook and Instagram.
The set up was fast and easy, the Wayflyer team supported us throughout the whole process."

Simona Bittalova, Paid Social Strategist at Dock & Bay
Simona Bittalova paid Social Strategist at Dock and Bay
in CPA
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Sign up to Wayflyer Engager in minutes and get access to high-converting audiences in just 48 hours for free
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Securely Share Your Pixel Data

Enrol in our pilot program by simply entering your email address. You'll receive an onboarding link to guide you through how to share your pixel with Wayflyer and get you set up on our audience-sharing network.

It takes just 5 minutes to connect your Facebook pixel and ad account.
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Receive New High Converting Audiences

Wayflyer Engager holds a pool of the best performing audiences for a wide range of brands.

We will create a bespoke audience for you based on the pixel data from 4 to 5 complementary, yet non-competing brands. Receiving pixels from similar brands allows you to expand your reach to a wider audience while still focusing on high-intent customers.
Your audiences will be delivered to your Facebook Ads Manager account within 48 hours.
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Launch Campaigns and Find New Customers

We will help you launch ad campaigns to target this newly created audience. You will also have access to the Wayflyer Analytics platform so you can clearly see your data together in one simple dashboard.

Guaranteed Customer Data Security

Brands using Wayflyer Engager maintain total control of their Pixel. Customer data is securely hashed and aggregated, complying with GDPR regulations.
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No personally identifiable information is shared, exported or viewed and remains encrypted under the hood of the platform.
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Brands are free to revoke Pixel access
at their discretion
Keep 100% ownership
A Meta-compliant cookie policy is required to use this product

Signing up to Wayflyer Engager
is quick, simple and free

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Frequently asked questions

Can't find the answer you're looking for? Visit our help center or email support@wayflyer.com

Will you be sharing the names of the other brands we match with?

No. We won't be sharing the names of the other brands as part of the pilot.

What criteria are you using to match us with other brands?

Wayflyer uses an algorithm to determine which brands have the highest purchaser overlap with the conversion events on your pixel.

We ensure you are never matched with brands selling competitor products and vice versa.

How will I access these audiences?

Once generated, the audiences will appear in the audience section in your Facebook Ad Account.

Will Wayflyer be covering the cost of media for the pilot?

We won't be covering the cost of media. We would recommend testing the audiences we share like you would test any other top of funnel audience you're experimenting with.

What are the fees associated with the pilot?

We aren't charging a fee for the initial pilot.

How long do I need to commit to the pilot?

You are free to leave the pilot at any time. Simply remove our access to your pixel in Facebook Business Manager and let us know so we can un-share the audiences.

Are we sharing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or any form of sensitive data?

No, the pixel exchange takes place within the Facebook Ad Manager platform. We don't export, process or transfer PII between brands. We comply fully with Facebook's terms of service.