Getting a BigCommerce Access Token

Getting a BigCommerce Access Token allows you to connect your BigCommerce store to Wayflyer. Once you are connected, our team can send you financing offers and you can view your performance dashboards.
Step 1 - Sign into Wayflyer
You have probably already completed this step, but if you haven't you can sign up for an account. Once you select the BigCommerce shopping platform, you will be prompted to enter your Store URL and Access token. We'll walk you through how to find these values in the next steps.
Step 2 - Add New API Account for Wayflyer
Before you can get an access token you need to create an API account for Wayflyer within BigCommerce. In your BigCommerce admin panel, go to Settings -> Store-level API accounts -> Create API account, click Create API Account.
Step 3 - Provide the API Path to Wayflyer
Copy the identifier from the API path given here into the Store URL field in the Wayflyer app screen as seen in Step 1.
Step 4 - Select the Necessary Access Scopes
Back in the BigCommerce dashboard, select the following scopes for the new token.

• Customers
• Information & Settings
• Orders
• Order Transactions
• Products
Click on the "Save" and a popup will appear with the created credentials for this account.

Make sure to copy the Access Token (the third value in the list). BigCommerce may attempt to download a text file containing the credentials but you will not otherwise be able to access them after this point. If you lose the credentials, redo this step.
Step 5 - Provide the Access Token to Wayflyer
Return to Wayflyer and complete the form by adding the access token from the previous step.
Confirm the connection.
Your BigCommerce store should now be connected. If you don't see that BigCommerce is connected please contact our team.
Step 6 - Continue to connect other datasources
You're all set, you can now continue to add your marketing and analytics platform, and sit back and wait for your finance offers.