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Labfresh find a new way to fund their business with Wayflyer

Lotte Vink and Kasper Petersen are on a mission to clean up the fashion industry and solve the problems of the modern man. Wayflyer have helped them pursue this mission without any of the stress that comes from traditional funding providers.


Geologie use Wayflyer funding to grow 10x in one year

Geologie founder Nick Allen is revolutionizing how men feel about their skin. With funding from Wayflyer, Geologie were able to ramp up their inventory orders, making sure they had enough stock to maximize sales during busy periods.


BionicGym thrives in a work(out)-from-home world

Although he always had a knack for product design and innovation, Louis Crowe was a medical doctor before becoming an entrepreneur...

AMBR Eyewear

Ambr use funding to rapidly improve sales through Google Ads

Started out of the kitchen of their house in Dublin, Ireland, Ambr Eyewear is the brainchild of Sacha, a designer, and Dan, who has a background in digital marketing...

David James Kerr

DJK cover mid-season inventory orders with Wayflyer funding

Named after their founder, David James Kerr has grown from a small fashion concierge service out of Belfast to one of the most recognizable high-end fashion retailers in the UK, carrying brands like Balenciaga, Gucci and Fendi.

Moby Bikes

MOBY accelerates go-to-market with Wayflyer Insights

If you have been in Dublin, Ireland, you’ve probably seen MOBY’s bright green bikes around the city. MOBY was founded in 2019 by long time entrepreneur Thomas O’Connell and has gone beyond bike-sharing to include new micro-mobility devices with Jyroball and the YX One...