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Druids Golf scales their D2C business new funding from Wayflyer

Founded by long-time golf player Lewis Jones, Druids have built Europe’s fastest growing golf brand on the back of Masters-level quality and disruptive innovation at the industry’s most affordable prices.

We sat down with Tim Ferris, Creative Director at Druids to discuss golf, growing the Druids brand and the ins and outs of running a D2C brand.

Developing a disruptive brand in a traditionalist market

‘Golf is a very traditionalist market, and [we at Druids] all grew up playing it, so we respect the original values of golf, but it was time to do something different and bring a younger demographic into the game.’

Druids Golf present themselves as the future of golf, pushing the boundaries of classical golf design, using materials equal or better than the established brands, all while maintaining an affordable price point.

‘We are affordable, but top of the game. The money these companies have to pay their endorsed athletes is telephone numbers. We don’t pay athletes to wear our clothes. If you come to us and we vet you and see you are a good ambassador for the brand, like Marcus Armitage is, we will supply you with clothing. That’s a testament to who we are, we’d rather put that money to product development.’

For traditional brands in the golf business, there are two peak sales seasons: March-April and September-October. Thanks to Wayflyer, Druids are now able to drop new products every four to six weeks, which gives them an edge over the competition year round, and improving their frequency of orders and their LTV.

Deploying growth capital to outmaneuver the competition

Druids challenge was on their ability to fund constant inventory orders. Demand was skyrocketing for them, so that wasn’t a worry, but meeting that demand, in very short cycles, that was the real challenge.
A large part of the advance they took from Wayflyer allowed Druids to cover mid-season inventory orders, which they were then able to quickly turn into revenue.
‘We see Wayflyer as a tap that we can turn on and off when we need extra fuel for our growth. Right now we are spending large amounts on inventory and advertising, so having that extra facility is gold.’

What our partners say
‘You know, what [Wayflyer] offer is very similar to the competition, but the way [they] do it - it is completely different. I feel like me and Diarmuid [Tim’s account manager] is on a very one-to-one basis with me, which is great. I don’t have to go through the hoops, or wonder when my account manager will be available. Everything happens quicker with Wayflyer’

Tim Ferris


Creative Director at Druids Golf