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Facebook Shops: all we know so far

If you work in or around eCommerce, you have probably heard about Facebook Shops, the eCommerce solution Facebook is planning on officially releasing later this year. Here is everything we know, so far.


How to write great emails for eCommerce

Nic here. I’ve been in digital marketing for the better part of the last decade, and through all the turmoil eCommerces are going through, there is one tactic I recommend over most others - and that's email.


Attribution for eCommerce 101

eCommerce attribution is perceived as one of the most complex areas of analytics, so much that many eCommerce founders as well as marketers don’t really bother to think about it. However, it is very hard to understand the unique value of each marketing channel without it.

D2C business

Succeeding in the months ahead: an eCommerce brand survival guide

If you run a business like most, your revenue has likely been affected by the economic downturn the world is currently facing. While a lot of it is out of our control, there are certain things eCommerce business owners and marketers can do to soften the effect on their top line.