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Don’t let Amazon’s delayed payment cycle prevent you from reaching your growth potential

We know the threats that Amazon sellers face, and we have refined a proven solution that combats these challenges

  • Say goodbye to cash flow problems... forever

    Never choose between your marketing budget or restocking your inventory again. Wayflyer gives you the cash you need to keep your business growing without being limited by your working capital cycles.

  • Partner with someone who actually gets your business

    Sidestep the banks and lenders who don’t understand what the needs of a fast growing eCommerce business . No loopholes, no collateral, and no endless paper trail. Just flexible funding at great fees.

  • Keep 100% ownership (no equity, or collateral needed)

    You founded it, you keep it. Retain complete control of your business forever. Wayflyer’s funding options never force you to dilute ownership, or attach conditions on how to run your business.

We offer Amazon sellers revenue-based financing from $10K to $20M

Not familiar with revenue-based financing? It’s super simple.

  • We don’t take equity and you don’t need to put up any collateral.

  • You use your funding to buy more inventory or to scale your marketing activities.

  • From there, we’ll help you to grow and take a small percentage of future sales until your funding is paid back.

  • Every funding offer is tailored to your business so you get the best possible fee.

  • It’s fast, flexible, fair and ensures you stay in complete control while you grow your business.

Customer story

Why Amazon seller Bubblebum turned to revenue-based financing

Designing an easy-to-transport car seat and launching a new business wasn’t easy for Grainne Kelly, founder of Bubblebum, especially when a global pandemic halted travel and parents stopped shopping for BubbleBum’s product. It was only with fast access to flexible financing that BubbleBum was able to recover from the pandemic and grow the business. This is BubbleBum’s success story.

"Wayflyer's funding was tremendously easy for us to access."

Fintan Kelly, BubbleBum Vice President

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Get fast and flexible funding for the best fees with Wayflyer

We care. A lot. With Wayflyer you'll get funding at the best terms for your business as well as extra support to help you grow.

  • Ultimate flexibility

    Choose your remittance structure, get cash in your bank account and easily access top-up. It’s flexible funding, built for founders.

  • Fast decisions

    Get offers in hours and funds in your account within days. Our process is fast and easy, letting you get back to running your business.

  • Better terms

    We know you care about fees. With Wayflyer, you’ll always get the best possible fees on your funding.

Meet the brands fast-tracking growth with Wayflyer

  • What I like about Wayflyer is the real flexibility of the funding, especially how we get the funds sent directly to our account and we are free to use it as we want. They're flexible and fair.

    Jeff Zeiders

    CEO & Founder of Cigar Club

  • What I appreciate about Wayflyer is how collaborative the work environment is. We are all working together, towards the same goal, with everyone willing to take the time to help out a teammate.

    Saadi Allen

    CEO of Subpod

  • Choosing Wayflyer was a no-brainer, they had much better rates than everyone else and were flexible in how they structured the repayments for us.

    Clark Bigler

How to get funded

Apply in minutes, get funding in days

There are 4 simple and easy steps to get funding from Wayflyer.

  • 1

    Sign up to create an account

    Sign up with your email or use Google account to get started with your funding request.

  • 2

    Securely connect your Amazon Seller Central store

    Securely connect your platforms to Wayflyer. We use this to generate tailored offers for your business.

  • 3

    Verify your business

    Before getting funding, you'll need to confidentially provide bank details as well as proof of identity.

  • 4

    Sign a contract and receive the funds

    Sign your contract and get the funds in your account within 1-3 days (depending on how long it takes your bank to receive the funds).

Fund your amazon store today

Stop worrying about cash flow. Start funding your growth.

Money on your terms. No equity. No collateral.